Don’t Let One Mistake Impact Your Entire Future with help from Jay Greenwood Law

Don’t Let One Mistake Impact Your Entire Future with help from Jay Greenwood Law

Call Us for juvenile law assistance in Fargo, North Dakota

Minors are treated differently than adults in the criminal justice system. While laws are essentially the same, the juvenile justice system has a different process. If you’re a minor and you’ve been arrested, you need an attorney to protect your future. Jay Greenwood Law is a juvenile defense attorney in Fargo, North Dakota. Jay handles all juvenile matters, including criminal and family law matters. Get in touch with Jay Greenwood Law today to discuss your case.

Protecting minors from the wrath of the justice system

If you’re searching for a juvenile defense attorney for yourself or for your child, you have a big decision to make when it comes to choosing a criminal defense attorney. Here are a few reasons to turn to our firm for assistance:

  1. Jay Greenwood Law represents minors from 8 to 20 years old. If you’ve been charged with trespassing, vandalism or any other crime, you’ll get the assistance you need.
  2. Jay Greenwood has 12+ years of experience in juvenile law. You’ll have a knowledgeable representative on your side to guide you through this unique process.
  3. We work hard to fight for the most reasonable outcome for your situation. If we believe we can get the charges dropped, we’ll work hard for that resolution. Other potential outcomes include community service, probation and house arrest.

Protect your future with Jay Greenwood Law. Call today to discuss your case with a trusted juvenile law attorney in Fargo, ND.